- The natural ecological craftsmanship is my passion."
- I love wood and I always search for new solutions."

Ulrik Mangold, Lilla Nabbens Hantverksprodukter, LNH.

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The Potmaker

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Small pot

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Big pot

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How to use the Potmaker

About the Potmaker

For you with green fingers or wannabees with ecologic ambitions. The Pot moulders away to soil when planted outside. Made by massive Birch and Beech.

Open and print a illustrated a PDF-file with instructions, how to use the Potmaker.

Different plants needs different amounts of light to grow. DYOR.
And hey, don´t forget to water, but not to much.

International resellers are welcome. Please contact me.


The Beeshelf

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Modular open storage. Suitable in the hallway, kitchen, or just about anywhere. You decide the shape and how many hexagons you want.

The Shrinkpot

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A Pot that goes back to the time of the Vikings. Suitable for storing dry goods like f.i. coffee, tea, spices. Lasts for generations.
Material: Birch.

The Nabbenplate

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From one piece of a tree trunk. Bends slightly and gets it´s own unique shape. Available as natural or burned black.
Material: Birch.

Trä Tri 3D Puzzle

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Do you have a hard time puzzling it together? Instructions here.

More info PDF here. Swedish only.

About the puzzle

On the german lathe sajt: drechsler-forum.de, there was a discussion about the tri-cylinder. The shape that remains when 3 cylinders cut each other. It creates a Steinmetzbody.

I found it exciting and decided to create that shape.
The puzzle is available in two versions: colorized and clean wood.

The clean wood is available in different wood species with a black Steinmetzbody. Processed with buttermilk, black bets and schellac.

The colorized is insprired by the dutch painter Piet Mondrian 1872 - 1944. The colors are acrylic and hand painted.

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